Lenovo ups Thinkpad’s game with higher spec P14/P15s with powerful CPU boost

Lenovo has announced two brand new machines that are going to raise a few eyebrows as they are packing up to  Intel Core i7-10810U Hexa-core processors and NVIDIA Quadro graphics.

Starting with the 14” P14 and moving up to the 15.6” model the machines are squarely aimed at the “mobile workstation” market.

With options including PCIe NVMe solid-state storage and DDR4-3200 RAM, you can certainly spec out a decent level of purchase here. Couple this with support for a 4K display and this, for the price, could become a very attractive option to a lot of upgraders in the run to the end of the year.

Coming in at $1579 and $1599 both are due to hit the shelves before the end of the month, distribution permitting

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