Best Laptop for travel

When you travel a lot, whether for business or pleasure, if you need access to a computer during your travels, it’s important to pick out a lightweight compact laptop. You’ll want a machine that won’t weigh you down when you’re checking in and out of hotels, or travelling to and from your destination by plane, train or coach.

But you also need a very capable computer, that’s going to be able to handle the different tasks you throw at it. You’ll want a great screen and speakers for watching films and TV on during your downtime, you’ll want a capable battery to keep your machine running even when you’re away from a plug socket, and you’ll want a sturdy well-built machine that isn’t going to be fragile when in transit.

To keep the size and weight of these laptops down, some compromises have to be made in some areas, but each option in this lineup of laptops will be great for travel. We’ve picked out a selection of lightweight laptops, offering a variety of combinations of specifications and features.

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