Best Laptop Under $1,000 in 2020

With a bit more room in the budget in this day and age, we can be pretty sure than $1000 is going to get you a pretty good standard of laptop. We aren’t in the realms of great devices for gaming on that’s for sure, but we can certainly get a machine that will serve a purpose both as a general runaround with the day to day stuff as well as one that should be able to handle more taxing projects such as photo and video editing.

For our $1000 we are looking for some more than a good all-rounder, we want a comfortable experience with a good build-quality and more battery life than you would expect from a cheaper model. This may sometimes be a challenge as bigger screens and better components are all a power hog, but increased chassis sizes mean that manufacturers should be able to pack in a better power cell, so we are not having any excuses here.

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